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Why use FFE for your Gas and Electricity needs? We are completely independent, meaning our advice is completely impartial. Our guidance to your business is always based on what is most cost effective and viable. We work with and have strong relationships with over 25 of the UK’s best suppliers. This is why we have the utmost confidence in the packages that we create for the businesses that we work for.

Business contracts work better when they are negotiated on an individual basis and are based on a businesses specific needs. Your dedicated, one point of contact account manager will ensure this activity is carried out on your behalf, whilst keeping you fully informed of progress and results at all times.

By combining the our relationships, our expert account managers and our added services which are detailed below, we believe we are very well placed to offer a truly valuable service to just abut any organisation in the UK.

Post Contract Care

Care is at the top of our agenda when it comes to our customers. Unlike many other consultants and brokers, our service and care to your business does not simply come to an end after we have arranged your contracts. We provide an infrastructure and support system to ensure that your queries, however big or small, can be dealt with professionally and swiftly.

Post sales care is different things in different industries. We have thought long and hard about the kind of care, support and service our clients are likely to need post contract. Our account managers are all trained and experienced in being able to assist your business with the following matters:

  • New Billing queries – If you’re not sure about a bill or a particular cost on an invoice, call us. We know the answer!
  • Organising Meter operator agreements (MOP’s) – Sometimes, a particular Electricity meter will either need one mid-contract, or have one due to renew. We can help arrange these for your business.
  • New Meter Faults – Your meter may become unexpectedly faulty, or require immediate attention. Whatever the level of intervention needed, we have the resources to bring about a swift resolution to the problem.
  • Customer AMR metering and installation – Although we would always strive to arrange for this pre-contract, it is not always possible. Your business should always pay invoices based on accurate consumption information. This service will ensure that you do.
  • Experienced One point of contact – A small, but integral, part of our services. Save time by letting our experts deal with your Energy matters, while you can get on with your own important schedule. You will not have to deal with multiple departments or people, just your friendly FFE account manager.

The above services represent just a few of the services we offer our customers post contract. There are other fantastic services, which we have dedicated entire sections to.

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KVA Reviews

Customer who have Half Hourly (HH) meters pay a KVA (also known as availability or capacity) charge. This charge relates to how much on demand Energy a business can have in one half hourly period. In effect, by paying the charge, the business is “reserving” this Energy.

Quite often when we are dealing with Half Hourly meters for our customers, we find either that the capacity that has been reserved for them is either too high or two low. If it is too high, the customer will be paying too much on a monthly and yearly basis to reserve the on demand energy that is needed at times of high energy use. Equally, if too little is reserved, it can represent a health and safety risk, and it can mean that a business may not have access to Energy that is crucial to them.

The solution to this problem is to conduct a KVA review. We do this by analysing historical consumption data and times of high demand, and compare the highest demand level to the capacity that has been set. We can then help you set the KVA to an acceptable level, ensuring your business costs are controlled and you have business continutity.

To discuss this aspect of your energy supply, we are available on 0151 363 3966 or via email,

Revenue Recovery

Have you ever bought something from a shop, been overcharged and not been able to get your money back? Annoying isn’t it? How would you like to work with a business who works on your behalf to recover any overcharges you may have incurred over the last 6 years in relation to your Gas and Electricity?

How is this possible? Well, you may or may not know that your energy charges have many additional elements built into them above the basic cost of the electricity or gas. These costs are known as “third party costs”. These costs change and there can be new costs introduced. Because suppliers occasionally make educated guesses at these charges, they are built into your costs with an element of risk added on top to ensure that these costs are properly covered.

The downside to this is when these costs have been estimated incorrectly, the supplier will not make any efforts at all to pass the overcharges back to you. FFE will do this on your behalf.

We have the insight and ability to be able to investigate and confirm what you should actually have been charged and reconcile this against historical invoices. We can do this across multiple suppliers and for mutiliple meter, so it doesn’t matter how big or small you are, ask us the question and we will be more than happy to conduct an audit for you.

If you are unsure about whether this would apply to your business, if you think it does or you know it does, please call us today so we can arrange for a consultation.

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Monitoring the Market

The wholesale side of the energy market can be volatile and unpredictable. There are periods when prices react exactly as expected. But what happens when they don’t? Who keeps you in the loop? Not your supplier. If prices drop and there is an opportunity to take advantage and provide you with further security, we will contact you to discuss this.

Equally, if market conditions aren’t quite right when we begin to look at your next round of procurement activity, we will provide your business with guidance.

Using our own insight and market intelligence, we constantly monitor the energy market for changes. This ensures that our experts are always up to date with current and future expected market conditions.

When monitoring the market, our priority is to empower our clients. We do this by sharing information and important changes which may positively or negativey impact costs. By doing this, we allow our clients to make informed decisions based on real information, passing the power back to the customer. After all, our clients run businesses and we believe they should have a direct input into what decisions are made.

With our market intelligence and insight, you can make energy procurement decisions with total confidence.

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Industry Updates

The energy industry is extremely fast paced. To the untrained eye, it may seem as if (apart from paying your invoice and occasionaly seeing national grid digging up the road) not much else happens. In fact there are many current and planned projects happening within the industry which can and do directly affect customers like you.

FFE will ensure that you know about, and most importantly, understand any changes, updates or regulatory adjustments that are on the horizon.

  • Third party costs – These change on a regular basis, and have the potential to affect your ongoing costs.
  • P272 Regulations – This involved a mandatory change for a specific classification of electricity meters. Although this project is now virtually complete, many customers were completely unaware of this change and how it affects them.
  • Energy Market Reform (EMR) – Government policy to incentivise investment in low carbon electricity. This involves an ongoing process to secure our electricity needs for the foresseable future, which has added a previously unforecasted cost to electricity.
  • Infrastructure – Many of the UK’s power plants are ageing, which means heavy investment is needed to update them and build new ones, again affecting cost.
  • Brexit/Governmental changes – Clearly, these two subjects are hot right now, and both have the potential to drastically change how our industry operates and the security of our supply.

As you can probably appreciate, the above points only scratch the surface of what happens within the industry.

To find out how any industry changes could be affecting your business now or in the future, we’re ready to take your call on 0151 363 3966.

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Metre Upgrades & Downgrades

We are able to assist businesses with any type of meter requirement. Whether you need a single electricity meter to be installed or multiple electricity and gas meters installed in a brand new premises, we have the network and the relationships in place to fully manage your meter project from start to finish.

On your behalf, we will work with suppliers, installers and network operators to ensure that the costs of the install or downgrade are minimalised, controlled and completed within specified timescales.

We can help with the following:

  • Full project management – from inception to the end of the project.
  • Upgrade or downgrade of your existing meter – Here at FFE, we can manage all aspects of a meter change, from upgrading capacity to changing a meter entirely.
  • Smart meter/AMR – Make estimated billing a thing of the past. Via our network, we can install brand new smart meters, giving you control over your consumption.
  • New build installation – We can carry out new build siteworks as well as installations to older premises.
  • Sub-metering – Ideal for shared buildings where landlords or managing agents need to accurately split consumptions between mutilple tenants.
  • Re-energisation – Occasionally a meter will need to be re-energised. We can handle this, dealing with all relevant parties to ensure you experience only a minimal delay to being re-connected.

Of course, meter insallations quite often have very bespoke requirements. To discuss your businesses meter needs, however small or big, call us on 0151 363 3966.

We also have experts ready to respond to your emails,

Reducing Energy Consumption

There is a saying in the energy industry, “the cheapest unit of energy is the one you do not use”. Very true and certainly an attitude that many businesses are adopting in this day and age.

Our studies have shown that most businesses can achieve a 10% reduction in their consumption very quickly, and with either minimal or no investment at all by taking on board simple feedback.

To achieve anything above a 10% reduction, businesses would normally have some kind of outlay initially. This is where we can provide a return on investment analysis for our customers, giving a viewpoint on how much money needs to be spent to achieve the desired reduction. The options available really do depend on the business and the operation and therefore are truly bespoke to each business we work with.

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