Our Clients

First for Energy work with and fullfill the Energy requirements of a wide variety of clients. We do not pigeon hole ourselves into working with one type of customer. We believe there is a better solution for all businesses in the UK.

Here are some examples of the the types of businesses we have worked with:

Powder coating companies

Energy intensive business, needing careful analysis of when purchasing decisions are made to maximise economy of scale savings.

Student accomodation

Can be multiple sites, needing alignment of contracts and bulk purchasing to bring costs down.

Retail shops

Normally fixed regular consumptions, needing long term price security.

Religious organisations

Need price security and costs to be controlled, also benefit massively from onsite consultations to reduce consumptions.

Care homes

Regulatory requirements to maintain levels of heat, means higher consumptions, again economies of scales used for savings, as well as providing long term price security.


Can be troublesome from a credit acceptance point of view. We have the market insight to place these businesses correctly with no credit issues or deposits required.


Money can be tight in Charities, which means the procurement strategy needs to fit tightly with their budget requirements, normally on a short term basis.

Independent Schools

Predticable down times due to holidays and half terms mean we can use this predictable time of use to their advantage.

Day nurseries

Fixed consumptions, but we do find this utility falls lower on the priority list (understandably). This can lead to contracts rolling and the nursery paying renewal rates. We control this for our nursery clients.

Office blocks

Metering requirements can differ for office blocks, and we have found that current meter installations are not always correct for the intended use. We help optimise this, whilsgt minimising costs.

The above is just a snippet of the types of orgnanisations we work with.

As you can see, we have bespoke solutions for all business types. To explore the possibilities and obtain a bespoke business soltution for your business, call us now on 0151 363 3967 or email us at enquiries@ffeg.co.uk.