If your business is in England or Scotland, FFE can now help your business to reduce this cost. In Scotland, the water market has been de-regulated since 2008 and businesses are seeing good levels of savings. In England, the market was only de-regulated in April 2017, and the feeling is that as the market matures, savings should be comparable to those being seen in Scotland.

Due to de-regulation, many water retailers have sprung up. Some are retail arms of long standing water wholesalers such as unitied utilities, severn trent water and thames. Others are brand new retailers who are focused on cost and customer service.

By trusting FFE with your water costs, we can do the following:

  • Historical analysis – we review historical consumption and identify savings.
  • Water Audit – We are able to complete complete water audits for companies of any size, pinpoint overspends and help you implement plans to reduce consumption.
  • Access to the market – There are over 20 water retailers in the UK now, so plenty of choice. We give you that choice and access to those savings.
  • Full account management – Assistance with queries and issues, and a proactive approach to your costs – if there’s a better deal available we will help you move to it if possible.

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FFE have been at the forefront of water de-regultion in England, and are well place to help you business. Call us to get your savings on 0151 363 3966 or email us at enquiries@ffeg.co.uk.