Our customers are at the heart of our business

At First For Energy, we operate as your dedicated energy partner. We aim to add value to your business by reducing your energy tariffs and streamlining your utility management processes. We save you time and money, helping you to build a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We are not limited by business size or market sector. Our solutions can be completely tailored to individual requirements and we support start-ups, SMEs and national blue-chip organisations operating across multiple sites.

We support both the public and private sector. We have realised substantial savings for our customers in markets including (but not limited to):


Working closely with businesses involved in manufacturing processes, we limit the cost (and their impact on the environment) by helping these organisations buy energy efficiently and at the right times, as well as helping them take advantage of the ever growing range of green energy products available.


Commercial entities such as property managers or commercial landlords quite often will have ever changing needs such as new developments, existing supplies which need upgrades, and tenants who require cost certainty for their own businesses. We take on projects like these from inception to ensure that these organisations can focus on other matters whilst we deal with the complexities of meter installs, for example.


Working to tight budgets, educational organisations need cost certainty. We help achieve this by looking at consumption patterns and sourcing packages which help these clients get the most out of their contracts during quiet times when consumption is low or none existent.


In the age of late night and weekend shopping, we assist retail clients by ensuring they not only have the right contractual package, but the correct meter configuration. We do this by helping these business types take advantage of weekend and evening rates which can have a significant positive impact on overall costs.


Care homes are growing significantly in numbers these days due to better healthcare allowing people to live longer. The type of support we provide extends further than simply securing a competitive supply contract. We ensure that these clients pay the right VAT and climate change levy rates and assist to recover overcharges that may have occurred historically.


Similarly to Retail, these types of organisations have sites which tend to use the most energy in the evening and weekend. With our expertise, we assist with meter optimisation and competitive contracts aligned with their future growth plans.

Charity and not for profit

When we work with charities, our main aim is to ensure that they are avoiding all non-essential spending on energy related matters as much as possible. This means we set correct rates of chargeable VAT, recover overcharges and negotiate tenaciously with suppliers to secure the best possible deal available.


Such businesses can sometimes be viewed as high risk to energy suppliers. Where we go above and beyond to assist these clients is ensuring that they not only have an affordable package, but one which avoids up front costs such as deposits. These can be a huge drain on resources. As well as this, meter optimisation is again vital for these clients to get the best value for money from their energy packages.

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