The smarter way to improve workplace efficiency

If you want to know exactly how much energy your business is consuming - and potentially wasting - we carry out in - depth audits and reviews that will help you save money, streamline operating practices and drive greater efficiencies in the workplace.

Our energy management specialists can carry out comprehensive audits that review the energy consumed by your entire organisation. By reviewing your historic use and analysing future usage requirements based om your ongoing growth strategy, we can identify the ways in which you can become more efficient when it comes to gas, water and electricity use.

We can carry out energy audits to analyse the following areas:

Voltage Optimisation

UK average voltage is 242v. All CE marked appliances are designed to operate at 230v +/-10%.

220v is an efficient cost-effective target, achievable via optimisation. UK Wiring Regs (BS7671) confirm that any appliance with a 230v design voltage, when required to work consistently at 240v and above, will suffer a shortened working life by up to 46%

Why optimise? Because for every 1% voltage can be reduced, kilowatt hours (how you’re actually charged for your electricity) can be reduced by just under 2%. A survey and report can be completed free of charge, assessing max demand and voltage dependency, to show how much your business could save.

Power Factor Correction

Your supply capacity is measured in kVa. Increasing that supply can cost ££££. You may already be paying some reactive power charges. These can eliminated.

If your Power Factor is below 0.85, then correcting it will give you capacity back usually at a much smaller cost than buying additional capacity from your supplier.

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